Explore the scents: Gourmand

Gourmand Scents

Amber Series: Cereal Clouds

Notes of lemon, berry, lavender and sandalwood.
This scent will remind you of your childhood, just like opening a box of froot loops.

Amber Series: Croissant Dreams

Notes of apple, orange, toasted pecans, sheer jasmine, cupcake accord and buttercream.
You know those days you wake up to the smell of home-baked pastries.
Or when you’re passing by a Pandesal store. That’s exactly how it smells like.

Amber Series: Antigua

Notes of fresh ground coffee beans, cacao and vanilla.
If you’re a café mocha lover, you will definitely love this chocolatey coffee scent.
Something to keep you awake without the adrenaline rush from drinking coffee.

Straya Series: Komodo / New Chapter

Notes of bright coffee berry and espresso grounds.
This fragrance perfectly captures the essence of piping hot, dark roast coffee with an energizing,
crisp top and rich espresso base with a blend of berries for that extra bright kick.

Straya Series: Elle / New Love

Notes of vanilla, tonka bean, butter and nuts.
If you’re fan of French vanilla latte, it smells quite similar to this scent.
A sweet and full-bodied scent.

Straya Series: Coco / One Day At A Time

Notes of confectioner’s sugar, coconut milk, vanilla, cream, crepe accord and butter.
Imagine fresh crepes doused in pure vanilla cream, brushed with melted butter
and sprinkled with naturally sweet and sumptuous coconut flakes. Not your typical smacking coconut scent.